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I was facinated as a kid with collecting beetles and insects around my house and in the bush!

collecting beetles and insects

Being brought up in South Africa in the wild outdoors I have always had a fascination with the natural world. I was given my first ‘bug box’ at the age of 5 and have never looked back!. Things have changed very little since; I am still fascinated by beetles and have lots of permanent insect tattoes and still love their colours and forms.

Beetles make up a fifth of all animal species: using sheer numbers of species as a criterion for success, they are the most successful animals on the planet. With more than 350,000 species living in almost every habitat on earth, the diversity in form and function is staggering. Beetles make up the Order known as the Coleoptera (meaning ‘sheathed wing’). Indeed this characteristic makes them pretty easy to spot: the front wing cases (elytra) are hardened to protect their membranous hind wings and soft abdomen.

My fovourite beetles are the dung beetle and the scarab or rhinoscerous beetle with their horns on the top of their head. I could spend hours outside looking for great new specimens for my collection.

That is the reason that I have chosen a beetle for my upn logo image, and I shall be going on later to make different leather goods with these type of images, just watch our site to see where they pop up!

Updn leathergoods shield

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