a small cult Japanese pocket knife…patented in the 1800’s

The sheath is made of natural vegetable dyed leather and it can also be chosen in our shop in different colours, the cult Japanese pocket knife is in made of shiny brass and a steel blade.

As I am a great outdoor person I always carry a knife for some carving or cleaning mushrooms and also when I am taking a small break and need to cut my fruit or salami for example, a knife is a must on a hike in the mountains and today I designed a safe shieth for this simple but efficient brass and steel Japanese knife, the blade being 7cm which is safe and legal to carry on you. Check it out in our store and purchase one today. As there is just one or two old blacksmiths that are still producing them in Japan now I am sure they soon shall be collectable!.

have a look at this in our shop!

Updn leathergoods shield

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